The history of the

qualification programme

David Chow, Chief Operating Officer of China Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited, was one of the first Institute members who qualified through the QP. “The QP provided me with the right training, confidence and credentials to move forward in life,” he says. “I still apply the teamwork and communication skills I attained from the QP workshops in my role today. I have always felt extremely lucky and proud to be one of the first members to graduate.”


The Qualification Programme (QP) launched with 99 registered students.


The Institute signed the first mutual recognition agreements, allowing members who qualify through the QP to become members of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and CPA Australia. Established the Institute’s QP scholarships.


First cohort of graduates from the QP joined the Institute as members.


The Institute signed reciprocal membership agreements with six of the world chartered accountancy bodies from Australia, England and Wales, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland and South Africa. Over 4,000 students registered for the QP.


The QP is recognized as a reimbursable course under the Continuing Education Fund.


Over 5,000 students registered. Authorized Employer (AE) and Authorized Supervisor (AS) training system began with 226 AEs and 656 ASs.


The Institute signed an agreement with the Chinese Institute of CPAs outlining detailed procedures for members and graduates of both bodies to sit for each other’s examinations under mutual examination paper exemptions. The QP is introduced to the Mainland in December.


A new logo, visual identity and brand vocabulary were developed for the QP to position it as a world leading qualification.


The Institute commissioned a comprehensive and independent review of the QP and qualifying process. It confirmed that the QP provided Hong Kong with the world-class accounting professionals it needed.


The QP took in 80 percent of all accounting graduates in Hong Kong. Over 40 accountancy programmes operated by universities and institutions, including a conversion programme offered in the Mainland, accredited for entry to the QP. The QP in the Mainland extended to Guangzhou.


At the 10 year anniversary of the QP, nearly 1,700 students graduated from the programme, taking the total number of QP graduates to over 5,200.


The enhances QP launched after a major review. The programme was redesigned to place more emphasis on developing the mind-set needed to be a CPA.


The QP examination centre centralized at AsiaWorld-Expo. Introduced a new QP graduate register to recognize the status of graduates, extending a range of services to support their career development.


The QP Resource Centre opened in Zhuhai at United International College to provide on-site support to students from accredited universities for QP enrolments and examinations. The total number of QP graduates reached almost 11,000.


The QP had nearly 16,000 students registered, with almost 2,000 graduating each year.


Over 10,000 CPAs had passed through the QP since 1999.


Almost 100 programmes recognized by the Institute for direct entry to the QP. To showcase the Institute’s brand and the QP in the Mainland, the Guangzhou liaison office was opened in March.


Issued the consultation on reforming the programme, leading to the development of the new QP. The proposals were built on the best of the existing programme and offer alternative pathways and greater flexibility for students with different educational backgrounds.


The Institute obtained official recognition of the exit qualification of the Associate Level of the new QP at the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework Level 5.


The new QP entered the implementation phase, with major groundwork being laid for the three levels to be rolled out stage-by-stage. A consultation on changes to the practical experience framework was launched.


Introduced a new Student Information System for online registration and the publication of new study packs to help students prepare for the examinations.

Cherie Lau was awarded the Gold Award for achieving the highest mark in the Final Examination of the QP in June 2018. She is Assistant Manager in Financial Services at KPMG. “The QP provided me with numerous opportunities to apply the practical skills gained and exercise professional behaviour in business,” she says. “For example, when communicating with clients, I am able to present information in a clear and logical manner, properly supported by factual evidence or technical knowledge, such as by referencing relevant accounting standards or industry updates.”